Founded in 1990 by Monika Jain and Arun Jain, MAHABIR CREATION is one of India's leading fashion houses today - a well-recognised, well-respected and well-loved name. The firm owns the brand "Women Plus™" which curates the finest in Indian fashion and represents a powerhouse of exquisiteness and heritage like no other, from designer apparel to elegant fashion wear.

Mahabir Creation was primarily manufacturers and wholesalers of apparels for women. Women Plus™ journey started in 2012, and in these last 6 years, Women Plus™ has travelled from one milestone to another and kept creating new standards in fashion for women. This journey will continue and we will keep creating new benchmark for excellence. In fact, we would say that journey has just began.


Monika Jain believes that fashion plays a defining role in enhancing a person's confidence and sense of self which is why Mahabir Creation seeks to create designer wear that leaves unforgettable impressions on the world, and yet, is versatile enough to transcend people, places and ocassions. Monika believes in presenting the ancient traditions of Indian craftsmanship in a contemporary vocabulary in the Mahabir Creation label. She works closely with the traditional artisans to create exquisite ensembles and gorgeous handcrafted to perfection outfits - as she pays homage to the supreme craftsmanship of India. Mahabir Creation stands for its innovative use of traditional crafts which celebrates the global Indian woman with a contemporary lifestyle - who flaunts her ethnicity as she sets trends and breaks barriers, every day.


Monika's goal with Mahabir Creation label is not just to make it a platform for Indian fashion but to forge a collaborative relationship between the designer and the customer. In this way, its not just about a kurta or dress but the talent, passion and craftsmanship behind the design and the likes, wants and desires of the dynamic woman who will wear it.


For Business Development and Franchisee Enquiry, contact :

Akash Jain - Business Development

E-mail : aakash@womenplusindia.com